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The history of our family company goes back to the middle of the XIX century, when our forefathers dedicated themselves to wine farming. Since then our family has always been dedicated to the vinicultural sector.

In 1926, Ramon Giró i Mata was mentioned in the yearbooks as a wine exporter, mainly to France . In January of 1927 while his company was based in Can Rosell, he bought a wine warehouse in Sant Sadurní, near the church. He was quite famous as an expert in hunting and received a nickname of "el Rei" (the King). He was also well known for important contacts between "champagne" producers and farmers of Penedès. He took advantage of those contacts to buy wine from the farmers and to sell it to the “champagne” producers, warehouses of Barcelona and dealers from France. 


 At that time Sant Sadurní was as well-known for "champagne" as for other products of grapevine, such as the rancio wine and mistela, which was sold in Barcelona . The rancio wine of “Cal Rei” was a well known product for small shops and wholesalers. Today, we conserve the large glass bottles, which exposed to the sun, turned the strong wines into generous rancio wines very popular at large celebrations.

The Civil War seriously affected the growth of the family firm. In spite of this, the son of Ramon, Jaume Giró i Giró, reasumed the activity some years later, but this time in a new direction, to meet the requirements of the prosperous cavas run by other well known families of the town. Married to a daughter of the Gramona family, Jaume Giró began a construction of new vats for wine production, that is where our Bodega is nowadays. There, Jaume prepared wines according to the preferences of each Cava producer.

The small company prospered and this encouraged Jaume and his son, Ramon Giró i Gramona, to take advantage of all their experience to elaborate the first bottles of their own cava. Since then, we have been elaborating wines and cavas of the best quality, using special selections of the best harvests. Our efforts has been rewarded with many prizes and awards we have received over the years.

Time has converted our winery into a place where you breath a rich cultural bouquet that includes wine, painting, dance, music and other activities that help to convert the pleasure of the senses into the main priority.