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Our legacy

100 years!

Tradition, commitment and talent

Our family winery has more than 100 years and the actual building it’s built in a modern style, like Gaudi’s style.

We own different spaces such as the house, the caves, Pati de Cal Rei, the orchard and our wineries.

Ramon Giró i Mata built his own winery in the middle of Sant Sadurní and it was founded oficially in 1926 a corporation focused in wine destillation and winemaking.

El 1927 he bought a wine wharehouse with a cave named CAVA MONTANER in Sant Sadurní, this is the origin of where we are now.

Several years after, Jaume Giró i Giró produced his first cava following the most high quality standards and selecting only the excellent and outstanding harvests.

The caves have an ever seen glass tiles, unique in the world, and we use it some times to show unknown artists exhibitions.

The old craft process

Old bottling process



Cava Giró is located in the center of  Sant Sadurní d’Anoia.

We own 3 single plots, in Sant Sadurní,  Gelida and Marçà in Montsant.

Our family has more than 100 years, heritage of our grandfathers Ramon Giró & Bertomeu Gramona.

We own 2 plots and 1 project where we harvest our healthy organic grapes.

- Plot de La Consol, located in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, Alt Penedès, organic farming certified.

- Plot el Cau de les Heures, located in Gelida, Alt Penedès, organic farming certified.

- Plot del Marmolar, a future project, located in Marçà, in Priorat, organic farming certified.

Finca de La Consol

When Ramon Giró was little, he went to mass on Sundays with a friend of his and they did mischief, like taking muscatel from the priest. This friend's mother's name is Consol, and she was the former owner of the current farm, which, to honor her, we have named it Consol. This is where the house's only natural wine comes from, without any added additives.

Finca el Cau de les Heures

This property was bought from the daughter of the poet Joana Raspall. The writer Joana Raspall wrote a book called "El Cau de les Heures", out of print today, in which she explains the vicissitudes of the farmers who, with the cart, carried the grapes from the vineyard to the manor house. It refers precisely to this waterfall and this balm.

Finca del Marmolar

It is a farm in the shape of a saddle with 3 terraces on each side located between ravines where streams are born with saulón soil where we keep a small hut for tools and a pool of water.